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Venstar Helps Former WorldFirst Clients

Venstar learned yesterday that WorldFirst, an international payments provider, discontinued its substantial US operations, see  WorldFirst is a competitor of Venstar Exchange, providing many of the same services.

Two things set Venstar Exchange apart from WorldFirst:

  1. Service to our Customers. Venstar Exchange always puts the customer first. We go to great lengths to ensure that your international payments experience is easy, understandable and reliable, time after time.
  2. Safety of your Funds. One aspect of safe funds is strict adherence to US regulations which are designed to keep your funds safe and to deter criminals.  A second aspect of safe funds is in the safety of our computer systems and processes.

Although there are not many details regarding the World First move to discontinue their relationships with their US-based clients, we suspect that troubles in the areas noted above may have been factors. Venstar wants you to know that we are very strong on the points noted above.  We stand ready to help former World First clients to make their international payments without missing a beat.  Venstar is a strong company with the experience and customer-focus required to compete very effectively for your business.  If you are a former World First client, do not hesitate to contact us at +1-310-882-5558

New Zealand by a nose…..

Two casualties of the current economic slowdown we see in China are the dollars belonging to our friends down under, the Australian and New Zealand dollars. Since the middle of last summer, the Aussie has fallen by 26% and the Kiwi by 28%, so in the race that neither probably wants to win, right now New Zealand is slightly ahead. Great news for buyers of those southern hemisphere dollars though, as this year the USD goes a lot farther down under than it did last year.