Send and Receive Wire Transfers

We can send and receive international wires for you. Wire transfers are the safest and most effective way to move your money internationally. Your transactions are processed with a one business day settlement and are fully traceable, ensuring a swift and secure transfer every time:
  • Our relationships with the world’s largest international banks ensure your wire transfers are processed quickly and securely every time.
  • You can transfer and receive funds anywhere in the world.
  • We have years of experience and expertise to benefit you.
Send and Receive Wire Transfers
Personal Advisors

Personal Advisors

We want to build a long term relationship with our clients. A key part of that vision is to assign a dedicated Exchange Specialist who will get to know you and your business such that he or she can anticipate your needs and devise strategies to suggest that fit with your situation. We aim to earn your trust.
Your dedicated Exchange Specialist is:
  • Experienced in international payments and currency exchange
  • Highly trained
  • Attentive to your needs
  • Backed up by a second person in case of vacation or illness

    Managing Currency Risk

    As a complimentary service, Venstar Exchange offers Advisory Services to all individual and commercial clients at no additional charge. Venstar's staff of experienced global trade professionals will give you the guidance, advice and knowledge required in the foreign exchange markets, so you can focus on your core business or personal obligations.We have a number of foreign exchange services to facilitate your international transactions and eliminate or mitigate your currency exchange risk.
    Spot Contracts
    A spot contract allows you to buy or sell foreign currency at today's exchange rate, with settlement occurring typically one or two business days later depending on the currency involved.
    Forward Contracts
    A forward transaction enables you to buy or sell a currency at a fixed rate on a specified future date. We offer closed forward contracts and open window forward contracts.
    Automatic Fill Order
    An automatic fill order allows you to set the price you wish to buy or sell foreign currency in the future.
    Managing Currency Risk
    Exchange Today - Spot Transactions

    Exchange Today (Spot)

    Spot Transactions, are those where you need to make an international payment immediately.
    For a Spot Transaction, you will  call or email us with the amounts  and currencies involved.  We will give you the total cost and you have the option to book that deal.  Once a transaction is ‘booked’ you are obligated to send the required funds to us and we are required to deliver on the transaction as promised. Everything runs very smoothly.
    Benefits of Spot Transactions:
    • Immediate ordering and delivery of a foreign currency wire.
    • Easy tracking of your payment.
    • We can automatically notify your beneficiary (if you elect) that a payment is on its way from you to them.

    Exchange in the Future (Forwards)

    A forward transaction enables you to buy or sell a currency at a fixed rate on a specified future date. You may lock in today's forward exchange rates and eliminate the risk of future volatility with forward contracts.
    Forwards are perfect when funds are needed in 2 weeks to 18 months. A 10% deposit is typically required for forward market contracts (or 'forwards') within 2 business days of locking in the transaction. Forwards are priced based on the amount of time you wish to go forward, i.e. 30 days, 6 months, 12 months and the interest rate differential between the two countries' currencies.
    Forward Contracts
    • Exact settlement date in the future.
    • Used to meet date-sensitive future payment obligations.
    • Flexibility to extend settlement date.*
    "Window" Forward Contracts
    • Settle a contract within a pre-agreed range of days (a "window" of time).
    • Used when there is uncertainty regarding the actual payment date.
    • Flexibility to give or take small portions of currency from the original amount contracted ("drawing down" from the forward contract).
    Forward or "Window" Forward?
    Each client's individual situation dictates the choice. If you need to make a date-sensitive one-time future payment, then a closed forward contract would suffice. But if you would like to have the flexibility to make several payments at different future dates, an open forward contract should satisfy your requirements. Speak with your Venstar Exchange Account Specialist to evaluate your particular business or personal needs and decide on your risk mitigation strategy.
    *  Note: Forward contract obligations must be fulfilled and there may be costs associated with early termination or extension. Extensions can only occur under certain conditions and are subject to approval.
    Exchange in the Future - Forwards
    Exchange at Your Rates - Fill Order

    Exchange at Your Rates (Auto-Fill Order)

    When you have a specific exchange rate in mind because of business agreements or budget constraints, a n Auto-Fill Order is likely the best type of transaction for you.  You tell the rate at which you want to make the exchange and we place that information in our system which watches the market every minute of every day.  If the market gets to a point where we can meet your designated rate, our systems will buy your funds as requested even if it happens during the night or on a weekend.  You can adjust the target rate or even cancel the order anytime before it fills without obligation.
    • Protects you in budget constraint situations.
    • Protects you in overseas job bidding situations.
    • Protects you in various business agreements in which the exchange rate is fixed.
    • Sets your mind at ease that you will get the rate you targeted as long as the market moves into  your range.

    Order Travel Cash

    Serving US Travelers
    Venstar Exchange does not deal in foreign cash for travel purposes, however, we have a great partner who does. Please visit International Currency Express or call them at 310.870.0746 and tell them that Venstar sent you.
    International Currency Exchange provides the following:
    • Competitive Rates
    • Order Online
    • Home/Office Delivery or Store Pickup (visit our Beverly Hills office if you are nearby)
    • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Order Travel Cash
    Affiliate and Referral Program

    Affiliate and Referral Program

    Venstar Exchange works closely with its affiliates, including law firms, property developers, real estate companies, international businesses, concierge services and many other specialists catering to international individual and commercial clientele.
    Cross-border payments and foreign exchange operations can expand your product line, create new channels of revenue and cater to the needs of your international customers. We can help you implement this new product without incurring the back office costs or investments of time and valuable resources.
    Our flexible and tailored affiliate proposals will put you and your clients miles ahead of your competition. Please contact Axel Sturmann, Affiliate Relations, 310-882-5558 ext. 602

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      "No matter when I call Venstar Exchange, they always get me the best rates. Not often do I get such exceptional service while saving money! Thank you."
      Testimonials Logo Globe Metal
      Adam Rubin - Vice President
      Globe Metal
      "Venstar Exchange made our exchange transactions completely hassle free and always at a great rate. Their integrity, honesty and continued delivery of exactly what they promise have made us a Venstar Exchange client."
      Aaron Max Steinberg, General Manager
      C.P.D. Canada
      "I have received confirmation that my funds were received and the money was wired yesterday afternoon, thank you. Everything was smooth and easy."
      Claude Hamilton, Owner/president
      3222170 Nova Scotia Limited
      "I couldn't be more pleased with the savings and service Venstar Exchange provides for my company on all our currency exchange transactions. Venstar has made us incredibly satisfied customers!"
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      Paul Upchurch - COO 
      Tennis Corporation of America
      "I wanted to take a moment to write to you and say thanks again for making our money transfers from the United States to Belgium so easy. We'll be in touch when it's time to do our next transfer!"
      Joan E
      "My reliance on Venstar to service the currency exchange requirements of our foreign buyers has become an integral component of my business.  Venstar's ability of providing the most competitive rates as well as customer service has played a key role in bringing our clients' dreams to fruition. Thank you Venstar for all of your support!"
      Ryan M. - Business Account
      "The purchase of the property in France is proceeding... I have much appreciated the service you have provided in the exchange of U.S. funds to the Euro. Best regards!"
      Sally S.
      "Venstar Exchange made our exchange transactions completely hassle free and always at a great rate. Their integrity, honesty and continued delivery of exactly what they promise have made us a Venstar Exchange client."
      Aaron S. - Business Account
      "The transfers from New York to Japan, for the purchase of my condo in Tokyo, have gone very smoothly. I am very pleased with the efficiency of your company."
      Dr Chen L.
      "Thanks so much for walking me through this transaction, you were so helpful. Everything went just as you said. (Simple really.) I have to admit I was a bit nervous, in this day and age you never know who to trust. Anyway, it was a pleasure to do business with you and you will be highly recommended. Have a great week! Thanks."
      Maria T. – Business Account
      "I am very pleased with the attention I have received during this process and I will be delighted to do future transfers with Venstar."
      Madlaina C.
      "Thanks so much for everything; you always seem to have great solutions for me!"
      Susan W.
      "Thanks for everything, and we look forward to a continued successful relationship!"
      Damon G – Business Account
      "I have received confirmation that my funds were received and the money was wired yesterday afternoon, thank you. Everything was smooth and easy."
      Claude H.

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